Generating electricity for the modern world

Electricity is consumed universally and it is generated by many means. We use hydro power, wind energy, and sea wave energy which are environmentally friendly systems of generating electricity.

We also use thermal energy, which is generated by coal, fossil fuels and nuclear power. These systems could be identified as environmentally unfriendly. They all burn off dangerous gases into the atmosphere and the present much talked about “Global Warming” is vastly due to our use of these to generate our electricity.

Of the above, the use of nuclear power is today a very controversial subject and better left alone here, but a an important point to mention would be Germany’s decision to phase off all their nuclear power plants within the next 20 years.

If Germany finds nuclear power dangerous, a pertinent question that would linger would be… why not the others?

Whichever way the electricity that we use is generated does not matter, but we are duty bound to use it carefully, intelligently and sparingly but most of all to adhere to all the relevant regulations controlling its use. These are safety regulations and they are for our benefit.

Some of these regulations are strictly enforced hence it is imperative that we follow them consciously and they are Testing and tagging, exit light testing, electrical risk assessment and emergency lights testing. At any given time you should be holding valid certification for all of the above and the regulators would strictly enforce it.

Our company with years of experience has helped the community to be within the required parameters by Testing and tagging, exit light testing, electrical risk assessment and emergency lights testing their premises with dedication and commitment.

Our Testing and tagging, exit light testing, electrical risk assessment and emergency lights testing are par excellence and have the approval of the regulating authorities as we are accredited to them all.

We are proud of the fact that none of our certifications on Testing and tagging, exit light testing, electrical risk assessment and emergency lights testing have had complaints from anyone.

Our electrical tagging certification is much sort after because we ensure safety as the priority. We have a very high reputation as the leaders in electrical test and tag certification and we will always uphold it.

We consider the electrical testing and tagging certification very important as it does not matter to the size of your premises. The electrical test and tag certification is necessary and important and that is all to it as it can save a life one day.

We make a thorough check prior to completing our Test and Tag. Our staff are qualified to test and tag any electrical machinery or appliance. Our Test and Tag certification is an asset to you. We can Test and Tag your appliances at your convenience. We can carry out Test and Tag anywhere.

Please contact us for your next test and tag. We will handle your test and tag certification promptly. Your call for a test and tag certification is always welcome.


Hire qualified professionals

Elegant fencing demarcating your home plot would enhance the aesthetic ambience of your home. Fences provide protection from stray animals and undesirable characters walking across your property, disturbing your privacy. Fences around properties under the purview of local councils are mandatory and have to conform to statutory regulations.

Jim’s Fencing a member of the largest franchise business in Australia, with operations extending into the USA, New Zealand, Canada and the UK has over 3500 franchisees handling every conceivable home service, 24 x7. Our commitment to quality workmanship with high end materials coupled with attractive warranties has been our forte.

Jim’s Group has served the Australian community since our humble beginnings in 1982 with utmost dedication and is a household name today. Our founder Jim Penman is still the driving force behind the conglomerate and takes an active role in the day to day affairs of the Group. His vast and hands on experience in the home services business is unmatchable.

We employ only qualified and experienced franchisees as fencing contractors, and also train them on the job with new systems and tools when the need arises. We endeavour to be the best in the business and are a force to reckon with.

We supply and install colorbond fencing, one of Australia’s success stories in the industrial revolution that swept across our country in the early 1900’s. Colorbond has produced more than six million tons material for different applications since the 1966, when they began operations. Colorbond fencing is available in fourteen eye catching colours, and has a manufacturer’s warranty of ten years.

Jim’s Fencing could also install high quality timber fencing which are treated against termite attack and attractively designed. Timber fencing whilst providing security and privacy, would enthuse the naturalistic look of your home. The natural beauty of timber fencing is something beyond comprehension.

If you need to obscure an area of your garden, we could provide you with many different materials to put up discreet but elegant screen fencing, to blend with your garden and the rest of your property.

If you have a swimming pool it is mandatory that you install adequate pool fencing to prevent accidents. We have some great designs in glass pool fencing to add beauty and security to your home garden.   


Some insurance covers are mandatory

Jim’s Group which began with the vision of one enterprising individual, more than three decades ago, is today Australia’s fastest growing franchise in the Home Services industry. An initiative to help home owners mow their lawns whilst he was pursuing a Doctorate in History, our founder Jim Penman brought a new dimension to keeping homes and it’s environs neat and clean.

Today with over 3,400 franchisees spread across Australia, the Jim’s Group has diversified into other Home services and many other businesses. Leading among them is the underwriting of insurance which as we know, moves hand in glove with all businesses, whether they are small, big, large or gigantic.

Some insurance covers are mandatory and required by legislation. High on this list is the subject of liability. Every business entity is required to nullify the effects of litigation and payment of compensation with protection from adequate and appropriate insurance.

Insurance compensates the insured for unforeseen calamities and disasters whilst also compensating others or popularly called “third parties” by paying for liabilities of the insured. The insurer would also pay and contest any litigation that such “third parties” would initiate against the insured. All this would depend on the specific clauses that are included in the insurance cover, held by the insured.

Jim’s Insurance having joined the insurance bandwagon a few years back has made a very distinct impression in the industry with our positive impetus and ability to innovate tailor made insurance policies for our insured. Our out of the box thinking has provided relief to many of our insured who have had the unfortunate experience of facing some unexpected natural and man made disasters.

Our ability to design specific insurance policies to suit specific members of different industries where the ground reality could change from one to the other has been our forte, and has held us in good stead.

Our main portfolio of insurance policies that enable us to devise and design intricate covers to suit individual companies is impressive. Some of them are Building construction insurance, Construction insurance, Commercial insurance, and Business insurance.

Policies that we devise for companies that are vulnerable to pay compensation, in an eventuality are impressive too. They are but not limited to, Public liability insurance, Commercial building insurance and Business liability insurance.